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CS408-Human Computer Interaction FINAL TERM QUESTIONS
a) The Surface Plane
b) The Skeleton Plane

explain the following type of persona: 5 marks
a) primary persona
b) secondary persona

Explain how structure interview are different from semi-structured interviews? 5 marks
According to the hardware designers what are the 2 reasons due to which disk exist? 2 marks(Question ki wording thek sy yad nhi but meaning yahi tha question ka)
What are the three main types of navigation? 3 marks
how You can say that navigation is excise? explain with reason 3 marks
Is computer annoying Us? explain 2 marks
What is the concept of “User mental models of mistakes”? 3 Marks
Why we using Feeding the findings back into design? 2 marks
what is Ubiquitous computing? 2 marks
How Distributed co-ordination is different from Plans and procedures? 3 marks

What is the mean by life cycle of module? Why they are used in software development.
Mark 5
Explain the concept of alternative environment
Explain the following planes of conceptual framework for development interactive
• The structure plane
• The strategy plane
What are good reasons for investing in user testing which are points out by tognazzini
Tognazzini points out that there are five good reasons for investing in user testing:
1. Problems are fixed before the product is shipped, not after.
2. The team can concentrate on real problems, not imaginary ones.
3. Engineers code instead of debating.
4. Time to market is sharply reduced.
5. Finally, upon first release, your sales department has a rock-solid design it can sell
without having to pepper their pitches with how it will all actually work in release 1.1 or
Questions Marks 3 each
How navigation excised justify vu39 your answer?
What is the myth of infinitely fast machine?
By breakdown Skelton plane into its component elements then how all piece fit together
to create. This as whole user experience
How can computer SEE and FEEL?
Questions Marks 2 each
List down any four principle that can help making you visual interfaces easy and
pleasurable to use as possible
Why some time direct observation is not possible
Define active intervention

4 Qs havng 3, 3 maks each
4 Qs havng 5,5 maks each...
Q1 . effect expansonary fiscal policy on debt country.
Q2. difference b/w fixed exchange rate & floating exchange rate
Q3. find median & mode
Q4 .Crticism on Hecsher-ohlin theory..
Q5 . define consumption and consumption function

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