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ISL201 Current Papers Final Term July 2013
Please Share your Current Papers Final Term Papers Spring 2013 Questions/Pattern here to help each other.

Share your today final term paper here in reply of this discussion

Share Your Current Final Term Papers (Questions/Pattern) from 20 July 2013 to 31 July 2013 to help each other.
We Will also be Sharing Papers Soon IN SHAA ALLAH
[Image: 1z174mb.gif]
Work Sakht in Silence Let your Work be your Violence  

Total Questions = 64
Total Marks = 88
Total 1 Mark MCQ = 56
Total 3 Marks Short Questions=4
Total 5 Marks Long Questions =4
Write the name of the first 3 chapters of sahi bukhari.
Briefly explain on brotherhood.
Explain that " it is obligatory to every muslim to get knowlede"

What is ihsan and explain it in the light of ahadit-e-gibril?
Explain about anger?
Explain in the light of islam about the rights of the people?
Explain the following hadith:
“hearing and obeying are the duties of a muslim, in what he likes and dislikes, as long as he is not ordered to commit a misdeed. If he is ordered to commit a misdeed, then he is not to hear and not to obey”.
What did hibar bin al-aswad do with hazrat zainab?

some questions of my paper...
Describe an incident of honesty from Islamic history.

Write about the first hospital built by Muslims.

What are the aspects of study of medical science?

Verses of surah al-alq first 2 ayat and surah Al-isra ayat 17:23 for translate.

Worship meaning and Islamic theory.

Basic principles of faith.

And about zakat and medicines.
and objective is mostly from past papers
[Image: 1z174mb.gif]
Work Sakht in Silence Let your Work be your Violence  


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