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mgt 503 papers 1 march to 9 2014
50% mcqs from past paper nd remaining 30% from handouts nd remaining 20% was complex conceptual.
Q1. define intrepreneur. 3 marks
Q2. how to differentiate low order needs nd high order need in maslow hirerchy needs? 5 marks.
Q3. manager face problem in decision making. what is problem nd also write the types of problem? 5 marks.
Q4. adavantage and dis-advantages of functional level departmentalization? 5 marks
ramaining 4 question was scenario based nd decision based

todays papers of MGT503
Total questions 60
3 questions of 3 marks each
5 questions of 5 marks each
All the mcqs were from past papers
Q1 How important is the delegation process. 5(5)
Q2 Boston Matrix what are its tools? (5)
Q3 Communication has been improved due to information technology. Justify your answer (5)
Q4 The money earned by fraud and contributed in Zakat (kind of this). Discuss this in the light of utilitarian ethics. (5)
Q5 In organization the workers are motivated, and committed. Describe how the reward system can be improved. (5)
Q6 Describe the terms satisfaction and not satisfied/dissatisfied. (3)

VU Today's Final Term Paper For Fall 2013
Total Questions = 60 of Total 86 Marks
Total MCQ = 40 Each of 1 marks
Total Short Questions = 3 Each of 3 marks
Total Long Questions = 5 Each of 5 marks
Organization operates in a system where different factors influence the organization design. List the 3 such influencing factors. (3)

Ahmad being a production manager believes in the effectiveness of “Goal setting theory”. What benefit are proposed to be achieved through this motivated theory? (3)

Strong communication network is an essential component of learning organization. Elaborate the statement. (3)

A gent’s apparel company uses its website to interact with its customers, providing them latest information about company and its product but customers cannot buy products there. Can we say this company is in e-business? Why or why not? (3)

Identify the major elements of mega environments which effect an organization? (5)

How can a manager of a boundary less organization reduce barriers within the organization? (5)

What is control system and how it helps managers in performing their controlling functions? (5)

In order to maintain more motivated, committed & satisfied work force, how reward system can be ignored. (5)

VU Today's Final Term Paper For Fall 2013
Total Questions = 60 of Total 86 Marks
Total MCQ = 40 Each of 1 marks
Total Short Questions = 3 Each of 3 marks
Total Long Questions = 5 Each of 5 marks
1. differentiate b/w feed forward and feedback control.
2. difference b/w interpersonal and organizational communication.
3. Scenario based question
4. Distribution is an important building block of organization, how managers give authorities of distribution.
5. Leadership is a property and process both. explain.
6. organizing is the management of organizational resources. explain.
7. How managers distort Charismatic leadership theory. explain.
8. Why motivation is considered as a force?

1.Teacher does not evaluate the students’ home assignments rather he gives
average marks to all of the students. After declaration of the results how students
will respond to teacher’s evaluation in the light of expectancy theory? 5 marks
2. small-batch production and mass produnction difference. 3marks
3. what does an entreprenuer do in economic growth? 5marks
4. write 2 types of financial controls 5marks
5. why people prefer groups rather than work as individual. 2marks
6. write about (closed system) organization having no concern with environment. 3marks
7. how goal setting theory is effective and beneficial and motivational for employees. 5marks
8. question i forgot :(

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