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EDU512 Final Term Papers frm 22 Aug 2015 to 02sep in 0ne thread
1. concept of Hadeeth in ur own words?
2. At hich place battle of Uhad took place?
3. Character of Khalid Bin Waleed (R.H) in Battle of Moota?
4. translation of 3 verses about patience?
5. translation of three verses about orphans?
6. When and where Khtba Hajj-tu-Wida was delivered?
7. how will u teach faith, adab un Nabi and Character to grade 4?
8. translation of one verse about faith?
9. how will you teach about orphans to grade 5?
10. social Impotance of Fasting?
11. Translation of 1 verse on wealth?
12. translation of 2 vesrses about Toheed and resalat?
13. Translation of 3 ayat about life after death?
14. Relation between Quran and sin?
15. translation of 3 Ahadeeth about Namaz?
16. How will you teach character?
Edu-512 Teaching of Islamic Studies!
todays paper!
Paper from 1-45 lectures !
All MCQs from Quizzez !
MCQS=10 Subjective part=16
What is third pillar of islam?
Write two verses (Translation) about social ethics?
What is the fifth pillar of islam?
Being a teacher, how will you teach Hajja-tull-wida&Leaving the world to Grade 4?
Being a teacher, how will you teach the concept of Uswa-e-Hasna to Grade 7th ?
How will you teach the Battle of Uhad to Grade 1-4?
How can zakat eliminate the poverty from the society?
How will you teach the Sunnah&Hdith to Grade 1-4?
Write any verse(translation) about day of judgment?
Write a note on good behavior with reference three verses?
Write a note on treaty of hudabia?
Why Hazrat abou Bakr (R.A) and Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) stayed at cave of sure?
Being a teacher, how can you teach the life after the death to grade 1-4?
When and where Khutaba-Hajja-tull-wida took place?
Write a note on sincerety and piety with five verses?
5 mcq about Al-Berooni
N 5 from handouts
Q:1 Important component of Hadeth?
Q:2 Tadabur-e-Tafakkur mean defined with verse?
Q:3 Verse about preaching in Islam?
Q:4 Define Uswa-e-Husana with verse?
Q:5Verse about the day of judgement?
Q:6 Connection of Quran and science?
Q:7 Verses about good character?
Q:8 Write Kalma Shahadat translation?
Q:9 Return to Allah according to verses?
Q:10 What is the connection of Quran and Sin?
Q:11 What is the qualities of Muhammad (SAW) reference of verses?
Q:12 Consequence of Mecca how to teach 1-4 grade?
Q:13 Before preaching of Islam the condition of Madina and how to teach 1-6 grade?
Q:14 Life after death reference of verses?
Q:15 Mojira of Hijra_Aswad?

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