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Psy406 current Final Term Papers In ONE thread from 27- feb---09 March2016
Share Ur Current Final Term Papers Here...

Don'T creat New Thread For current Papers...
By mona
Difference btw achieving grades and working to learn
Evaluation process
Over learning
Skinner behaviour theory
Locus of control
Effective feedback
Learning strategies
Last assignment mai sai ik condition thi
Non- materialistic culture
Emotional intelligence
By maidah

Psy 406 final paper
MCQ's = 40
Subjective questions = 10
Q-1 Difference between self-management and class-management? (5)
Q-2 How would you differentiate between psychological constructivism and social constructivism?(5)
Q-3 Any five important things that a teacher should keep in mind while communicating result grades to the students?(5)
Q-4 define will power? Write any event from your life when will power played a prominent role in your self-regulation?(5)
Q-5 Describe any five ways in which teacher can curtail cheating habits of their students?(5)
Q-6 How would you create a link between autonomy and motivation? (3)
Q-7 How does response set create hindrance in transference? (3)
Q-8 Which method is considered more beneficial for exams,weekly or monthly.Justify your answer with examples.(3)
Q-9 Define self-regulation? Exemplify that how do you rate your ability of self-regulation?(3)
Q-10 Amna, a two year s old baby girl wants to put her clothes on by herself.Her mother allows her to try until she succeeds or ask for assistance.In which stage of psychology develop(given by Eric Ericson) Amna is passing through. Name that stage and justify it?(3)
Objectives comes from the topics gender bias,cognitive development and language,behavioral views of learning,portfolio, high road transfer,ripple effect,social cognitive and constructivist view of learning,evaluation process,better time management,Emotional intelligence,reciprocal questioning,mean,reliability,Action zone

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