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Spring 2016 Semester
Spring 2016 Semester classes are going to held on Monday 18th April,2016

Rest time is over... :p

Best Of Luck

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Dear University Fellows,

There is a lot of Guidance and Study Tips provided by our instructors .....if you see your

Subject>Course Website > Overview....!

....Well, I am Sharing it here with You...!

The Right Online Study Approach

1. Watching a video lecture is compulsory.
2. Not only memorize but also understand the concepts thoroughly. You must learn application of concepts.
3. Do spend at least 2 hours on a lecture to have a better understanding:
(a). Half an hour for reading lecture handouts.
(b). One hour for watching video lecture.
(c ). Half an hour for self-preparation of notes for your reference.
4. Complete your work on daily basis to avoid any problems.
5. Time management is essential. If you're given a quiz, don't procrastinate; get started the same day you get the quiz. Otherwise you’ll have to face users’ load on the server near the due date.
6. In exams, always write “to-the-point” answer for every question. “Time management” is more important than writing long stories.
7. Do visit your LMS on regular basis to be in touch with latest news about your course.
8. Post your lecture related problems only on MDB and do not send through E-mail because such questions will not be answered through e-mail.

Read more about it on This "Students Hand Book:

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Admin (Hamad) Wrote:
How to Study

Must spare 1-2 hours

daily to study.
1. Prep a program and take on daily one subject. All three lectures of the week should be

studied in a go.
2. First of all read the handout lecture completely and try to grasp as overall what was

intended by VU to deliver to students. Again read the lecture very carefully and then underline

or highlight the important, catching statements (use two to three different color highlighters)

and also where you requires clarification. Must also have the Slides of the lectures available

with you. Mostly the slides already highlights the important statements of the lecture.
3. If you have the time or a full time student (Not an employee) then watch the video

lecture. This will clear all your doubts.
4. Any exercise given in the lecture must be thoroughly understood. Any clarification may be

asked in MDB form instructor or here at the group.
5. Prepare your own short notes if time available. Otherwise just revise the lectures

through your highlighted statements.
Next week when you again take on the subj must revise it as per above guidelines. Remember revise

all the subjects at least once a week completely.

For any assignment must try to do it yourself. You may discuss it on the,
At MDB for any clarification but remember copying someone else assignment wont fetch you marks.

For preparation of quiz just go through all your highlighted statements. It will completely

revise your lecture in a very short time period.

For GDB must gather all the data from net and old GDBs if any. Then
prepare your own notes and submit.

For Mid/Final Term Exams no extra preparation is required if you have followed the above

mentioned program. Just revise the handouts where you have highlighted and revise the short notes

if prepared.*

I have followed the same program during my MBA. In spite of time constraints I have managed to

get a good grade. I am also determent by following this program you all can score minimum 3.5 GPA

and 3-4 As. Only one condition is that what so ever you study it should not be just a time pass.

You must understand what you have studied and what you have gained out of current session.

One more thing must also compare that what you are investing and what you are getting. I mean to

say that Must always remember that you are investing your precious time and off course money. In

return you must be rewarded. So Study and Study and there is no short cut to hard work.
Best wishes for your future.
[Image: 3092ces.gif]

Some Related Study Tips

1. Always do past Quizzes with reference provided on ...and Other Sites and Try to learn the concept of "Why this option of mcq is true"? ....and search it in handouts...and capture the key concept behind that mcq.

2. For quick Revision you can go through the Lecture Power point slides provided in
your LMS>Course Website.

3. Do lots of Past papers before and during exams....mostly MCQs come from the past papers.

4. Don't rely on your work ... Always perform "Salat-ul-Hajaat" and Ask for Help form "Allah" for
The Sake of "Prophet Muhammad" Give You Success before going to attempt a paper...and surely Allah will make your paper easy for you...! (Insha'Allah) :) :rose

Please Note: And if you get Excellent Grades then do remember Your Parents, Pious People, Teachers, Friends and All Muslim Ummah in your prayers.
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ہمارے سید و مولا محمد ہیں محمد ہیں
کہ عزت ہے ہمارے واسطے اُن کی اطاعت سے

نسب اُن کا حسب اُن کا بہت ارفع ، بہت اعلی
شرف پایا ہے سارے عالموں نے اُن کی خدمت سے
[Image: 634002gwzyzi9wqw.gif]

Theak Hai

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(04-16-2016, 06:00 PM)#Ar#Fa Wrote:
Spring 2016 Semester classes are going to held on Monday 18th April,2016

Rest time is over... :p

Best Of Luck

[Image: AA42a2A.jpg?1]

Very nice post Arfa :rose
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