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PHY301 Current Finals Papers In 1 LINK from 20-Aug-2016
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Post your all current papers here
[Image: 34q9sg4.gif]
[Image: k06a9t.gif]
By Ch

PHY301 exam held today:
What is resistance level of PhotoDiode in darkness? (2 marks)
Two figures were given. It was required to tell, which input signal is clipper, and for what input signal the output signal is Clamper. (2 marks)
Define Diode. (2 marks)
In which bias a diode conducts current? (2 marks)
For the given circuit, convert left most voltage into current using Source transformation. Draw diagram. (3 marks)
For a given circuit, value of I1 & I2 using mesh analysis was required. (3 marks)
For the given circuit, how can we calculate only RTH using Thevenin's Theorem? (3 marks)
Consider a diode with n=2 biased at 1mA. Find the change in current as a result of changing the voltage by –20mV using small signal model. (3 marks)
Consider a diode with n=2 biased at 1mA. Find the change in current as a result of changing the voltage by –20mV using the exponential model. (5 marks)
Identify meshes in given circuit. Write its SuperMesh equation. (5 marks)
For the given circuit, find Vo using Thevenin's Theorem. (5 marks)
What are modes of operation of BJT? (5 marks)
By Doll
PHY301 current paper by someone
PHY301 (26-8-2016)
1. Circuit was given. Which values are wrongly labelled in circuit.
2. What is Dopping? Why it is necessary?
3. Describe action of transformer.
4. In NPN transistor, what section is made very thin compared with other two section?
5. When BJT is said to be in saturation mode?
6. Write detailed steps of Thevenin’s theorem.
Rest questions were from circuits and asked to solve.
One question about to define the polarity of reverse biase
Write KVL equation. Circuit was given
Circuit was given ask to write the KVL equation for a mesh
Figure was given ask to identify the figure either as half wave rectifier or full wave rectifier
Thevenin’s theorem. Ask to find Rth. Circuit was given
Norton’s theorem and ask to find the Inor. Circuit was given
Write the function of a transistor
Figure was given ask to trace the polarities of AC and also points the polarity of load resistance (did not remember clearly)
Ask to write three differences between n-p-n and p-n-p amplifier
Ask to find the voltage by superposition principle considering only current source. Circuit was given
Ask to write difference between the construction of simple diodes and tunnel diodes
One question from transformer. Ask to find voltage in the circuit
Objectives were from file and book.

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