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BIO201 Current Final Term Papers from Aug20.. 2016
BIO201- Cell Biology Final Term paper 20 August 201 6!
1. how VU light help to sterilization the equipment
2. Describe RNA types nd their functions
3. Differeniate between homotypic and hetrotypic fusion
4. How G protein involved in formation of GDP?
5. Differentiate between T cell nd B cell
6. Enlist 5 types of antibiotics
7. Diffreniate between confluent monolayer nd confluency stages
8. How does CaM KinaseII involve in muscular movement ?
9. Write steps involving E-colisignalling
10. Transcriptions diagnosis
11. How antibody help the surface to produce B cells?
bio201. time 11:00 AM
Antibody name that appear on the surface of
developing B cell. 2 marks
The endopasmic Raticulum is gauided to ER by
which 2 components. 2 marks
plz elaborate points between mereged cAMP
activity. 2 marks
define codon. 2 marks
difference b/w klinefelter syndrome and
turner syndrome. 2 marks
how turbutalene and b blocker affect the function of epinephrine adrenaline. 5 marks
difference b/w confluent monolyer and post confluency stages. 5 marks
describe the larger subunit of ribosomes. 5 marks
define regulatory regions and it's two elements. 3 marks
define carbohydrates and discuss it's classes. 3 marks
do u know abt endocytosis? diffrentiation b/w phagocytosis and pinocytosis.

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