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PSY403 current midterm paper 3 June to 14 June 2017 in one thread
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today psy403 mid term
1. One feature of high self steem and one feature of low self steem.
2. Person perception and two general ideas.
3. Research process ka sab se important step konsa ha aur kyon hai
4. How imagined presence of an individual effect your behavior.
5. Actor-observer bias and example
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PSY403 Midterm Spring 2017
* Enlist three types of experimental research (3)
* Why is it important to translate beliefs into hypothesis? (3)
* Scenario related to attribution (3)
* Why different nonverbal cues exist in different cultures of the world. Explain. (5)
* Why is social psychology based on empirical research rather than common sense? (5
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[Image: 2017-05-11.png]
PsY403 Mid
1. Virtual enviroment technology
2. Self-perceptiontheory
3. Concept of locus regarding to attribution
4. Differentiate between authoritarian and permissive parents
5. Differentiate between fundamental attribution error and self serving attribution
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[Image: 2017-05-11.png]
Today psy 403 paper
Imagined presence of people effecting people
Personality psychology and social psychology difference
Cultural differences
Westran Cultureal
Observation type
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