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PSY406 current midterm paper 3 June to 14 June 2017 in one thread
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Mid Term Paper PSY406 Educational Psychology
22 MCQs
1. Differentiate b/w brain and mind
2. How peer relation are related to moral development
3. My cat is black, neighbors cat is black, therefore all cats are black. this is example of which type of reasoning (inductive or deductive)
4. Name and explain two stages of post-conventional development with example
5. Do you think that home environment and availability of resources has effect on academic achievement? justify in either case.
:rose Gud LuCk:rose
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Mid Term Paper PSY406 Educational Psychology
22 MCQs
1. Formal oprational ko explain krna tha: 5 marks
2. Volenterly self regulation k three sources:5 marks
3. Mind or brain main difference
4. Aik unhon ne pocha tha jo bchy poor famlies se hoty hain kya un ki acadmic perfomnces poor hoti ha
5. Or aik or same yehi tha k acamic achvmnt kaise influenc hoti 2 reson likhein
[Image: 1236148.jpg]
My Todays paper of Psy406
By Misbah Shaukat
Educational Psychology

Total Question = 27
MCQs 22
5 Subjective Question:
3 of 3 Marks
2 of 5 Marks
1. Amna and her sister are playing. Amna is pretending to be a doctor and her sister patient. Amna her sister attained What Piaget's stages two millstone they both attained explain reason with justification? 3 marks
2. Stigmatization. Real life example: 3 Marks
3. Describe three source of Self-regulation. 3 Marks
4. Student’s vicarious learning. 5 Marks
5. According to Piaget's stages two millstone concrete operational stage explain stage. 5 Marks
:rose Best Of LuCk :rose
[Image: 1236148.jpg]

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