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psy101 current final term paper 12 aug to 24 aug
my today PSY 101 paper.
40 mcqs and 10 questions. total 50 questions. mcqs not were from past papers but mostly were easy..
1. mention and explain the three functions of memory?
2. main functions of sensory memory briefly explain?
3. define psychology and its main goals explain?
4. question about stressors kinds with examples?
3 questios of shizopheria with examples and hypthotical case?
one from advertising on the tv about product, so we have to explain which strategy is that?
one question about behavioral technique?
explain the james long theory of emotions with was case?
[Image: 6525227_orig1.jpg]
[Image: coollogo_com-35351149.png]
10 question thay 1 write an advertisement showing classical coditioning n operant conditioning
2 why forensic psychologist are required to be hired in judical system
3 fuctions of cellebrum
4 motivation to work theory any 2
5 steps of central desensitization
6 any 3 therapies of abnormal behavior
7 sadia has bike skills what type of memory it is explain
8 sadia is doing a study on age which is independent variable. She is trying to do study on recalling events so what is dependent variable
9 write sigmend freud work and carl jungs...which one the best u like
10 I dont remember
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[Image: u_3c761f16.gif]


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