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MGT503 Current Final Term Papers In ONE thread 12 Aug 2017 - 24 Aug 2017
Today's Paper Mgt503
1. Being an entrepreneur, what are the internal forces for a change?
2. Difference of Tall and Flat structure
3. What are the meanings of satisfied and unsatisfied/dissatisfied in reference to equity theory?
4. What is meant by Management by wandering around (MBWA)?
5. Why is goal setting crucial for any business?
1. Difference between Charismatic Ethical and Unethical leadership?
2. Question about decentralized/centralized decision making:
Scenario 1: Organization has all depts interrelated to each other and in one place.
Scenario 2: Organization is expanding over different countries and branches etc.
Therefore, which kind of decision making will you suggest for these scenarios?
3. Question about McClelland’s acquired-needs theory. Write down briefly about this theory.
4. Why do you think often managers resist to delegate their work to their employees? (Question on delegation - giving work to others)
Not sure if I am forgetting anymore questions. Although mcqs were mostly from lectures 30 onward.
[Image: Anime_Guy_by_CannibalTaco34.jpg]
[Image: 2017-05-11.png]
MGT 503 today paper 17/8/17
What is delegation process and why manager prefer it
2) What is MBO and write benefits of MBO
3) Diff between organic organization and a mechanistic organization
4) list five points of strategic management
5) Diff between aquisition and joint venture
6) What is group and define formal and informal group
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